I pre-ordered Evolve and didn't get any of the characters/skins for free


I pre-orderd Evolve way back (Jan-Feb) and I’m supposed to get the new characters for free. However it is definitely not free. No idea what happened.


Preordering the regular edition only locked in Behemoth - hunters would still be extra. If you can’t access Behemoth though, then there’s an issue.


that happened to me


What platform are you on?


only behemoth free when you pre ordered


I am on PC. I have pictures of order confirmation back in February. You guys still havent unlocked the Behemoth or any of the hunters for me. It’s been three days…



Right click on the Evolve under the Library in your Steam client and click on “View Downloadable Content”, after you do that, snap a quick screenshot for me and post it in this thread.


“Sorry, new users can’t upload pictures.”


That’s what it gave me when I just tried uploading said screenshot.


Post the link of the screenshot.


It’s saying I can’t put images in the post. Email?


Use the special characters to bypass the restriction.

Put the link like this:

l i n k (g) o e s h e r (e)


http://imgur.com/gallery/ulVD u 2 Z


Got it.

It appears that you have not pre-ordered the game.

Where did you buy the game from?


The website. I have the confirmation numbers/receipt


What website?


G2A.com was the website i purchased it at.


Sorry, but you’ll have to resolve it yourself. Looks like the retail you have bought from didn’t include this as a bonus. There’s nothing we can do about that unfortunately.