I pre-order and bought the season pass and yet It says I have to pay?


Are they supposed to be available already? Is this normal?


Please help, I feel so left behind seeing everyone using all the new stuff, I don’t want to pay again T_T


I am having the same problem also. I got my pre-order from best buy


Me too cant access behemoth I think its because i had to send my xbox one in and it didn’t redownload the monster expansion pack automatically


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it was on Xbox one


Same issue here. I can see the digital Pre-order edition on my transaction history on Xbox.com and yet if I search Behemoth it says $14.99


Same issue here on xbox one


@DamJess Help please


Guys, if you highlight Evolve then hit the Menu button and Manage Game, you should see Behemoth in the Saved Space to the right – don’t know if I’m explaining this well, but if you can make sense of this, give it a shot!


I’ll try that


God bless you man!! It worked!!!


Thank you very much (: :bucket_salute:



You’re welcome!


Lmao!!! You saved me a night of fussing @ best buy and the TRS forums


My pleasure, bro. I had a bit of an, “Ahh, fuck, what is this now?” moment myself, so glad to help!