I played as meteor goliath

This happened earlier today, but I just wanted to tell someone that I played as meteor Goliath today in arena mode IN ONLINE MODE. It was so crazy. Using charge had a cool sound effect and everything was blue! I even got it to stage three. I’m sorry, but I didn’t take any pictures because I was just shocked to play as meteor Goliath.


LIES!!! LIES!!! I refuse to believe it. How did you get into that game?

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I would have tried to party with the Meteor Goliath or as Meteor Goliath, lol. I’d love to get some still shots.

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I’m telling the truth, I even had a bug during the first minute of joining that caused me to go into the ability upgrade screen and I had to lose the first match. I couldn’t change any abilities after that either, but it was ok since all of them had at least a point. Also when you lose all armor it looked like the flames on your back burn out. It was really cool

it’s the internet, pics or it didn’t happen


I have seen some convincing photos so supposedly yes, this has happened. I am not sure how the heck it has but…hey, kudos when it does!

I thought that maybe a developer disconnected, but I think it’s more likely to be a bug. But hopefully they fix the bug I explained in my last post first and not the meteor Goliath one :slight_smile:

Since this is likely a really rare bug. I think I might’ve gotten the first stage 3 meteor Goliath inside a dome. O_O

Also one last thing. The picture of whatever character you played as that appears on the screen you get after a game that shows your character progression has Meteor Goliath in a more crouched pose compared to the regular Goliath pose. One last last thing, it rally felt like I was playing a new monster when I got in as Meteor Goliath.

how much rally did it feel like

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Like I was playing Evolve four the first time

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I’ve fought two player controlled meteor Goliaths so far.

I just played a round of hunt with some friends. And we had a fourth friend join us right as the game launched and it made him monster. And the monster happened to be meteor Goliath, so it does happen. I’m sure you could keep trying this until it works for you.

Some other guy I was playing today loaded into a game where AI had picked meteor Goliath for an arena match.

Poor bastard got maybe 30 seconds of glorious game time before he was totally melted from the AI/player switch.