I played as an Ebonstar Soldier


I just had the craziest game of all time. I was looking for a game and it put me into an already started match. At first I was no one because the Maggie was dead. Then I noticed that daisy was off the map not doing anything. Then the drop-ship comes and its a fricken Ebonstar Soldier. I thought it was just a visual bug and it would fix itself once I dropped in but it didn’t. My whole team could see I was a soldier and not Maggie. My load out was Parnell’s shotgun as slot 1, Hyde’s mini-gun in slot 2, nothing in slot 3, and assault shield in slot 4. Everything worked fine. The view models for the guns were exactly that of the other 2 assault guys. So I had Hyde’s giant arm in one frame, and Parnell’s sleek arm in the next. Our team had no dome and no trapjaw but luckily the wraith we played against seemed like he was trying to lose and Cabot could at least track him . Also the drop-ship continuously came the entire match even when no one was on it.

Has this ever happened to anyone? Could someone from TRS comment on this?


I saw a similar post in another thead, though I think the soiler replaced Val and had different guns


This happened to me too. I was playing as Val, then suddenly I was disconnected. So I tried to reconnect Only to fly in with the dropship and respawn as an ebonstar soldier.

As you can see there’s a Parnell right there, and me with the Parnell shotgun and Hyde minigun as well as a shield.

I hope they’ll be able to fix this soon.


I have seen this a few times. It is pretty hilarious.


Happened to a friend while playing today.
I got assigned as monster despite being in a party and the trapper turned into a soldier.