I played as a Canyon Strider LMAO!


Hey guys, API FEAR from Team Apeiron on Xbox One here. Loaded up as monster and instantly was thrown into this spectator mode except I have life, I scare birds and I could physically interact with other things. I have 2 more clips if needed. Here is the link. Enjoy.



Team Apeiron? Lol.


I had that happen to me in the Big Alpha. I had a video where I was just exploring all the local wildlife :stuck_out_tongue: Then a harpoon trap killed me. It was funny, at first I was scaring birds to make them think I was close to them all the time haha… Good times.


This is awesome!

I want to play as a Tyrant.


This is obviously hinting at some sort of shape shifting Monster in the code somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:


This happened to a monster player I was fighting yesterday, we fought a bot wraith while he played as a reaver. I think the match still ended when we killed the bot, though he may have been caught in the crossfire.


I’m not sure if I should be happy or disappointed that I never get glitches like this.

I think I had one falling through the ground glitch, and one crash. #ShearProblems


Ironically enough I’ve only had about 3 or 4 ‘no gravity’ glitches on the Hunter side and that is it. Aside from that I haven’t had any issues since release.


Oh and in the future you can always use xboxclips.com/(YourGTHere) They have an easy link/embed feature.


This happens to me all the time :frowning:


I have 786 hours… I’m still waiting on this to happen to me. :confused:


This i god tier. How do I do this.

I want to play as a Nomad and ruin everything. Then play as a Canyon Strider. For hilarity purposes.


I want to become a Mammoth Bird and proceed to lead my vicious horde of Mammoth Birbs to kill everything on the map.


I wonder if this is an xbox thing. I’ve had this happen to me several times since the update (Note: it only seems to happen on the monster’s side and maybe only when you join in late).

In this clip I joined in late and I was watching a Tyrannt kill a Mammoth Bird when another mammoth bird killed me and I was able to take over the Behemoth.

Also, this isn’t a “play as wildlife/canyon strider thing”. If anything I believe it is a bug that might be caused partially by observer mode.