I played a secret new map!?


Hi dudes and dudettes,
So, updated the new content last night for new maps( which took forever), and once downloaded obviously I played them. First up,… Broken hill foundry, ok. The load screen came up as it does, and it read 'broken hill foundry, as expected. BUT the map that I played was not broken hill foundry, neither was it any other map on the game!!!
It was a large snowy map, with a similar set up to wraith trap, never seen this map before ever!!!
DEVS… Have I accidentally played a forth coming map to evolve…? I think so!!!
Oh PS,… Map was cool, not because of snow!


Describe this map to us in detail, please.


I demand photo evidence


My uncle works for Nintendo and confirmed that you totally played on a super duper new map.


I think he just mistook one of the loading screen advertisements for a map banner, because it sounds like he means Aviary…

Oooooooor he’s trolling, but let’s not jump to conclusions.


Sounds more like Distillery, Aviary isnt that snowy


Yes, but Distillery’s layout is nothing like Wraith Trap.


Could have just been wraith trap but loading bugged ?


Ah right. Orrrr maybe Medlab, its got a similar platform-like area and its rather snowy


Seriously, not trolling, the very first map I selected once updating was broken hill foundry, the load screen even came up on the screen, that industrial looking town. It was only when I selected it for the second time that I played what actually is broken hill foundry.
The map was large and very much like distillery with that snowy scene. The maps shape was similar to wraith trap, played a full match, which was AI. Don’t know what else to say, NO BS…!


Was there a big rocket in the middle?


Full AI, you say? AI Monster, AI team? Everything?


No. No rocket.


Describe the relay. Power Relay, I mean.


I was Goliath playing an ai team.


and u did not get the idea to take a simple screenshot?


Solo play offline or online Matchmaking?


If he was on console i can understand it.


No, because as far as I knew I was playing what I thought to be broken hill.


Totally offline.