I play on ps4



When evolve is released to ps4 will I be needing ps plus or is it like the other free to play games and won’t need it ?


so the update will come out soon :frowning:

No date, probably more than a month. Yes, to play online, you will need Ps Plus. The game is free, not the online service unfortunately. #BlameSony



Actually, F2P games can be played without PS+, so we currently have no reason to think it won’t be the same with Evolve when it goes F2P


What the cute dog above said, if you want to play online, then yes :bucket_salute:


Oooh! That’s nice then :thumbsup:


So wait do we need it or not ? Im confused


Presently, you’ll need PS+ to play Evolve, since it’s still a paid game. After it goes F2P, you shouldn’t need PS+ as F2P games don’t require PS+ to play.


You’ve probably got like 2-6 months before you can play it anyway.


It’s more like a month really


Yea ok. It takes at least 3-6 weeks to even get the update certified by Sony.

I wish you were right though. Confirm that please.


We can only hope