I play evolve ask me anything


ask me anything. I have over 900 hours of experience and I am a Wraith main.


How can she slap?


Another annoying attempt to satirize other peoples goodwill.

Man I’d curse you good if this wasn’t such a frivolous thing…


you know it’s amazing how often I get asked that. I tend to just walk away.


do it in a pm, I will hold nothing against you.


Again, it’s still a frivolous thing so there’s no point.


Goodwill? It was boasting from people with no display of their talents. Just meaningless numbers attached to the accounts of people who had time to play.


[quote=“Skrewyluie, post:1, topic:57562, full:true”]
I have been playing evolve for 6 decades now and if you know anything about basic math that mean I have been playing since launch back in 1955.

If you have any questions I am your guy.
[/quote]I think you mean "I have been watching Netflix for 6 decades now and if you know anything about basic math that mean I have been playing since launch back in 1955.

If you have any questions I am your guy."


This post seems legit to me. Unfortunately, people such as @MrHat556 have no sense of humor and get salty butthurt super easy. Remember when I owned you so bad in that last thread they had to lock it before you embarrassed yourself more?

@MaddCow better come close this thread because of a rule you made up.


I just sent you several invites you punk.


Oh I got embarressed now did I?

Ironic how your calling a mod in too after throwing a jab in, like one of them punk ding dong ditch punk teenagers

But go on, flex your internet muscles at me some more, sounds like it’s good for your low self esteem.


Please refrain from antagonizing others simply because they do not share the same mind set.

MrHat is correct that what I am doing is both childish and just plain rude. However I see no real harm in pointing out how I find it repulsive that some of the higher level players would set up threads like shrines to their achievements and that somehow their tips matter more than others.


People who had time to play= more time to get good. To me that IS a display of talent, telling people how long you played a certain class correlates to me that you must have at least some skill.

Like having something to say, and then backing it up with a proof is how I think of it. I don’t mind asking these fellas on their tips and tricks for good monster play.


I will be on soon


Except according to the forum rules Maddcow made up, there IS harm. Despite any good that may actually result from threads such as these, apparently free speech isn’t allowed no matter how harmless it may seem to a person.


Some people could play for a thousand hours and not move past a certain point. But rank 190 is nothing special. Just because someone plays a lot doesn’t make them good. Most of the level 40 people in this game really aren’t that good. It just comes off as boasting. If someone in the top 10 did it then I don’t think I’d care so much but 190? Please.


The dude does have a point, I may find the dude aggravating but I never flag him. People in this community are too sensitive nowadays…


Did I fail the year now? When does summer school start?


I get what your saying but cmon, you understand right?

More time on something, tends to result in more skill in something. That applies to everything in life.


I believe that verys from player to player. playing 1000 pug matches is not the same as playing 1000 matches against premades imo.