I once ate an entire Costco muffin. Ask me anything


That’s right peasants! An entire one. In only one sitting. So go ahead and direct any and all questions to me. I will definitely answer you probably.

I wasn’t even that hungry, I just wanted to eat it for breakfast so I did. I also had a glass of chocolate milk.

Yes, it was good. And yes, I did hate myself afterward.

*Note: not to scale, unless you are browsing the forums on a cinema screen


I ate -three-.

And they were -chocolate-.

It was a -snack-.

Your skills are inferior.


You may have eaten three… but did you have a glass of milk?



*Is not impressed by your lack of milk drinking

Your bones are as weak as your attempt to overthrow me.


How bad was the explosive muffin grease diarrhea afterwards?

(I buy a 6 pack of those everytime and regret it by the 2nd muffin)


I have never had a problem with the muffins being greasy.

Although my preference is for poppy seed, which might make a difference.


What is this thread even o.o


On a scale of one to ten, how do you rate your experiences with the muffin?


I once won a muffin eating competition.


I don’t eat muffins. O.o
I wouldn’t know if I would like it. : /


How do you dare to post on an Evolve forum about eating muffins, but not cupcakes?


Costco muffins trade quality for size, but are still pretty decent. 6/10

Note that other muffins from different locations tend to be better. I’d say the average is between a 7 and 8.

@Shin I Would highly recommend the world of muffin consumption.


…I see.

I don’t really like muffins or food in general. :stuck_out_tongue: So icky.


Because as much as I like sugar, I am not actually partial to frosting. And have you seen how much frosting is on a costco cupcake?

@MidnightRoses you need to eat more, or you’ll never reach stage three.


Real monsters end their games at Stage 2.


Yeah… I can’t stand frosting. Tried a cake once, it was disgusting… I don’t understand how people can enjoy so much sugar.


The cupcakes cry for you


Because muffins and cupcakes are the same thing.


…what bakery do you go to?