I now see why bucket is literally Only Da Best


When i play bucket i can keep the monster tracked the entire game man it is completly ridicoulous og bucket 4 lyfe


Oh so NOW he’s good to you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just got him yesterday and I’m in love <3


2 things:

A) Good to see you back, mr. @DownLikeSyndrome
B) Stop hating @SlinkyGuy ! He doesn’t deserve it! Leave him alone with Bucket!

And no, you can’t have him!


A little tweak, where you need to get closer a sneaking monster, before you can tag him, might be in place. It’s not easy to swat down that flying head even if you spot it.


Probably my faourite hunter, even if I’m not great with him!
I would love to see more robotic hunters in the future.


Bucket oly da best. you right girl you right.



is a hater