I now have a knee jerk reaction to starting evolve


Since the last 3 patches Hunter have been getting stronger and I have lost a bit too much in this latest patch.

Me thinks you need to tone it back some there.

Oh and the map OP… I just wont play on that map as a monster and if i Load in… I just walk out of bounds…

@TRS please remove all numbers from the game that concern win loss ratios. Or create multiple tables that keep all the categories separate.

My Behemoth information in ranked should be for ranked. Not a combined total from across the board.
So I would like either the information to be separated by categories or removed all together. For example. My Win streak with Behemoth should be separate from my win streak from say, a hunter win or another monster win… Keep that stuff separate.

At the moment, I now have a knee jerk reaction to starting evolve and its lost a lot of fun factor atm as a monster player.

Having a challenge is great, being overwhelmed and not being able to get away from a confrontation. annoying. This is both modes too btw. The pubs are actually harder than the ranks, but the ranks know the perk systems.

So why am I getting rolled from both sides as the monster?


because you play bob :slight_smile:


know, that goes for meaty too.

I mean, i can do great with wraith, but its just chase game the whole time.

Bob, yeah, they need to put bob back in the shop again.


Hunters are favored, it´s always a thing. Doesn´t matter what monster… but buffing their speed without giving monsters the ability to properly disengage a fight is just awfull.
I am losing interest in this game too, again. The direction it´s taking is away from skill / decisionmaking and more towards learning patterns, abusing mechanics and perfect execution (instead of consistent performance).

This is just not what makes a game fun for me. guess i go back to MWO until bf1 or titanfall come :\


On the plus side, Titanfall 2 looks like it might actually not die. :smiley:

But @OP, it’s kind of natural to feel like that since you’re a Behemoth main. Sorry to say it. :frowning:


Well ive seen some titanfall 2 beta stream,and it looks just like cod with robots.
you spawn,5 seconds later u kill someone or be killed,and repeat.
i really think fps games are made for 8-13 year old who just want to run 5 sec shoot and repeat that for months…


[quote=“Kathryn_James, post:1, topic:99431, full:true”]
Since the last 3 patches Hunter have been getting stronger [/quote]

The complete opposite is happening /thread


Not if you’re good at it. I’m too old to have the reflexes the kids have nowdays to do 3 headshots in 2 seconds, but i can understand the fun in it if you’re capable of doing it.
Then again, i’m sure it’s the reason for at least some of us that we are on the evolve forums and not a twitch shooter forum. We prefer tactical long fights to maybe tactical lightning fights.


Im feeling better today. Yesterday must of been a sad day for me. But at least people got talking!


If you’ve noticed numbers for Evolve have dropped dramatically. Most of the players that have stuck around are the really good players. All that pub stomping monsters were doing at the beginning has caught up with them. They are only playing against top teir hunters. Top teir hunters know how to lock down monsters unless they pick specific perks and time escapes just right. It also doesn’t help that after only a few loses monsters come to the forums and complain instead of asking for help. Playing monster on a high level requires MUCH more form you than smashing pubs who don’t heal or dodge. You have to pick and choose carefully how you use your attacks.

My advice is watch great monsters play, ask questions, and accept that as the game becomes more balanced for each side you’re going to lose more often as monster. Monsters aren’t use to losing more than one game at a time every 30 games. That’s changing so roll with it. Learn from it and stay the course. Pub stomping is boring.


People are always disparaging CoD, I think it’s silly. Why do you think only kids can enjoy a fast-paced action game? You don’t have to like the game, why disparage those who do? Call of Duty is one of the most popular gaming franchises ever, it doesn’t make sense to call it stupid & say its players are immature…

You are right in that the action-shooter genre isn’t designed around patience and intelligence, they focus on thrills & competition.


Most monsters weren’t pub stomping, some were, just like some hunters were as well. Now the game is trying to put players against opponents of the same skill level, monsters & hunters should be winning around half their games, but for a lot of players that just isn’t the case.


The data disagrees with you. At launch of the beta hunter pub win rates were 32% I believe. So yes MOST were pub stomping. Skill matchmaking was working under the hood calculating their skill but had yet to act on that. I believe 2 weeks after the relaunch they “flipped that switch” so to speak and monsters started getting more even matches as well as the pub buffs going into effect. Jumped up to around 46%. Now it’s a bit higher at 52%.

TL DR: I stand by what I said above :smiley:



but the fact is, there will always be newbies… all of us were at one point, noobs.
just as, there will always be newbies ^ ,
there will always be average players.

if any player finds it unfair, whether you agree to them or not, they will leave.

you Don’t want our player count to get to critical levels. i dont want it either. this game should be able to play for average players.
few of my close steam friends already stop evolve.


I play ranked too thank you. Plus… nvm


That’s the point of the passive buffs given to hunters. Honestly monsters have it SOO easy. One trash hunter dooms the team. I 100% agree with the whole dynamic balance system they have in place.

Now, I understand it’s not fun to lose. I would argue though that it’s really his problem. He can choose to practice, study up, and overall improve his game but instead he threw in the towel at a couple of losses. That’s on him not TRS. My advice above would apply to him as well. I’m ok with babies leaving the game.


You play ranked…care to expand on that? That’s a statement lacking meaning as I don’t know you at all.

P.S. I 100% agree that the OP map is trash. So far all their variant maps are boring/terrible.


You know its an alternate game mode in evolve.


ok, but what are you wanting to discus about it?


There are pubs in ranked as well if that’s what you were getting at. So passive buffs apply. Most players solo q in both ranked and QM. Also playing Behemoth is just a terrible idea right now…but I thought you said you alternate so yeah…