I no longer feel fun when I'm playing the monster


I had several games on Stage 2 now (about 50 hours) and one thing that concerned me from Legacy Evolve is the fun I have when I play monster.

I don’t know if I’m alone, but now, all games are stressful (no matter I won or not) while in Stage 2 I felt my power when I was fighting against a bad team and when the team wasn’t bad, I had fun.

I can’t tell what thing is the problem for that feel.

A lot of battles? I feel that some hunters are powerfull against some monsters.
No more sneak? I wasn’t a stealth monster nor a FT3 monster. But I liked when I trapped some hunters.

The game are faster? Maybe it is my problem. But I don’t miss the games when the monster flee during 20 minutes.

I feel that being Stage 3 isn’t as meaningful as before. I would like it felt different. Not too much different, but a little more.

This subject is all about feel, it’s not likely the opinion of everyone, but it’s mine. I had to share it to know if I can do something about this.



I always loved playing Monster. On Stage 2, all I like it is that we have more people, and that I can play without lag anymore.

But, the experience itself changed, a lot. It is indeed not as fun as it used to be. Fun nonetheless, it just does not appeal as much as it used to.

As to frustration… Every match with Goliath (Be Original or Meteor) are stressful, but not so with the other Monsters, or at least it has been so since I began playing.


Goliath is the monster I like the most, Bob on the second place.
I don’t feel fun from any monster.

Before, I loved the feel of a rock on a flying hunter. Now I just fell like I just deal some damage.

I can’t understand how I can lose with my Kraken against a Lennox. I hate when the trapper or the assault is always near me.
Before we didn’t do that. Being alone was meaning of death for any hunter. (It is different for comp with Sunny)

Maybe the return of Bob will change something for me.

I don’t feel like Goliath is the most stressful monster, the perks I use made the battle easy if there is just one bad hunter. But I don’t have either.


Since you’re talking about monsters, I changed the category so it’s more specific. I can’t really give any thoughts because I don’t have Stage 2.


A lot of things changed to the best, but there are serious adjustments that TRS is handling, albeit slowly as they need to test things one step at a time.

I don’t know for how long you’ve been feeling this way, but I’ve noticed the complaints’ frequency rising after the latest patch, and I’m certain the developers will make adjustments accordingly given time. I expect we’ll recover some of that within a few months as things become much more smooth… Some experiences, however, are probably gone for good. We best find enjoyment were it is.