I Never Realised Titanfall Was Still Popular


So I decided to go back to Titanfall. I originally bought it via PC on release but also got it for free with my Xbox One. I re-installed it on my rig after seeing how flourishing the Xbox One community is on the game and to my shock the PC community is thriving too. Originally when the first and second DLCs came out the game kind of deteriorated but now with all the DLC maps free it is great to see the player base back and whooping butt together.

I have to admit that I am having a great time. I tried played Advanced Warfare again this afternoon but after Titanfall has bit you there is no compare between the two. I really hope Black Ops 3 brings the series a little closer to TitanFall and Battlefield’s larger scale direction.


Titanfall is a great game.
Titanfall 2 will be amazing if it keeps the core mechanics.
How awesome would it be to have non-human titans?
I like to think of a spider that can climb certain, pow walls. :slight_smile:


You mean more like Armored Core but FPS? Yeah that would be awesome! I think a solid solo campaign would be a needed fitting for the next one. Even though I love playing it there are times I wish I could just enjoy the experience of mechs and parkour soldiers duking it out in an enclosed narrative. Fingers crossed basically.


Even if there isn’t a single player campaign, it would be awesome to have a Multiplayer campaign that was varied like Evolve’s Evac, but with more story. :stuck_out_tongue:


This topic brought back some great memories.

Like my first gooser. My first pilot kill with the archer rocket. Or capping 6 flags in under 4 minutes.


Maybe I’ll play some Titanfall tonight


Had Titanfall came out with half the modes they have now…

This would be a VERY different topic…


So much truth.

GT ValkyrieRequiem if anyone is up to play on console tonight


Titanfall is awesome.


Do we know if there will be more Titans in Titanfall 2?
As far as I remember it was one focused on speed, one on durability and one on balance.
Considering the Titans was the selling point it really felt like the game could do with more of them.


Titanfall is the bomb.

Lots of Internet dweebs will tell you it’s a warning story, a classic example of how “thin” multiplayer games get boring quickly.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the best MP FPSers of all time because of its movement mechanics and lean design.

You don’t need 10 million guns that just create insane balance problems. You need select number of guns for different roles and styles.

It’s still thriving because there’s a ton of ways to play and improve your skill in that game IMO.

Also, the Titans are bad ass.

I’d MUCH prefer if Devs spent all their energy and budget producing a top shelf MP experience that’s amazing, rather than splitting resources to develop a campaign that’s only going to deliver 5-10 hours of gameplay.

A good MP game get HUNDREDS of hours from me. When looking at the proportion of resources spent versus hours of entertainment, the SP campaigns are a big waste IMO.

People will argue a game isn’t worth $60 at that point, but these are short sighted fools that are more interested in quantity, rather than quality.

They’re more interested in playing 10 different games shallowly, rather than going deep and mastering one epic title.

Unfortunately, on the internets, they are in the majority, so they make the most noise.

But they’re also known to me as the filthy, unwashed masses, who don’t appreciate the finer things in life :slight_smile:


It bothers me how Titanfall was approached by everyone as a run-of-the-mill FPS, a new CoD. People would constantly aim down sights and focus on twitch reflexes rather than concentrating on being as mobile and unpredictable as possible.


Never understood the hate for Titanfall. Insane fun.


Yeah I love Titanfall was such a fun game!


I never understood the hate either, I regularly go back and play Titanfall while there are a LOT of CoD titles I’ve never played past the first couple months they were released.


Pretty much this. I cant stand most twitch shooters due to the campy nature of the games. Titanfall breaks that mold. For me, there’s nothing like landing a kill at a 120° angle while parkouring 100m in the air avoiding titanfire.

No other game i’ve played can produce that sensation.

I’ve always attributed most of its bad reviews to sony fanboys who were salty about it. Seriously on the Respawn forums there are roughly 10-15 thousand topics from ps4 players begging for a release