I Need You! (Performance testing on PS4)


I, we, need you. I’ve taken on the task of trying to find what’s causing and what causes performance issues on PS4. @ArPharazon is trying to gather information on these problems so that they can fixed and optimized properly hopefully for the summer patch. What we’d do is rather simple.

  • 1st: I need at least 4 other people who can take the time out of their day to get this done. It’s not something we’d do all in one sit-in, so don’t worry about being on for hours on end.

  • 2nd: We need time. Lots of time. What I’d like to do is go through each map three times with a single comp. We’d be using abilities all over the map and when one person or multiple people suffer from a drop in frame rate or stutter, we’d mark it for the next time.

  • 3rd: Variables. We need to test for practically everything. This means using every character more than once on each game mode and multiple maps. So please, have every single character at your disposal.

  • 4th: Collecting data. We need to keep an eye out for everything. If you feel like there’s a performance problem but can’t pin it down, remember it. This doesn’t have to be super detailed, just some basic analysis. I’ll be keeping a chart of everything, you just need to feed me the data.

This is not an official test. The testing we’d be doing and the information we’d be gathering is purely to benefit us. After it’s done, I’ll had the information over to ArPharazon and we’ll be set.


I wouldn’t mind


Do you have anyone else that would be up for it?


I could do it… maybe
times vary

Do you need like 4 or 5 people or like as much as possible?


I need at least 5 people, preferably the same so we can limit the variables on the console side.


I still need people.


I’m still looking for people. Anyone out there?


I am always up for those technical stuff and measurements.
So I am every day online at 20:00 - 0:00 Europe.
Age: 26
Work: Programmer, maybe its helpfull for some tasks :wink:
Lanuage: Nativ german, A bit english.
PSN: TatzyXY


I would help. I don’t mind doing some experimenting.


I’ll try to be on tonight sometime. Can’t guarantee when.


Whenever you can get on.


I still need people!


I still really need people.


Well i’m no longer shadowing so i have good amounts of time on tuesdays and thursdays to be able to do something like this. I’m up for helping out. I’m typically back from the only class i have that day at like 11:10 Central.


then i’m typically free until like, 4:30 at which point I go to play in band.


So, @Torvald_Stavig @Kishan_Devkaran @Appropriateuser_name @RickSanchez @CptBoomBoom and @TatzyXY when is a good time/date when we can do this?


So I am every day online at 20:00 - 0:00 CET.


Only four hours?


Yes cause I am at work, at other times…


Any time tonight I am free?
You guys pick something and I almost guarantee that it will work for me.