I need to wait about 30 minutes for loading the game


hi guys i search internet about this issue but i didnt get any fix for this

iam unable to play this game and realy bored loading stuck in 90% for about 30 minutes

i tried every things

1-disable antivirus-firewall
2-set higher priority for this game
3-restart pc and steam
4- run as administrator steam
5-reinstall game
6-update drivers
7-Verify the integrity of the cache

but none of these help me

please help me


Verify the integrity of the cache, did you try that?


yes i try it now its not working :(((((((((((((((((


Ugh, that blows. ;(


i seen a lot of people have this problem why no one cant fix it :((


System Specs Please

Video Card
Hard Drive model if possible and available space on hard drive

How long ago did you buy your PC?
Was it pre-built like an HP system, or custom made from different parts bought from the store like Bestbuy or Amazon?

Just checking to see if its far below specs or something odd like 8GB memory, but its early revision of DDR2, motherboard using a new video card where the motherboard needs a BIOS update to fully utilize the video card, hard drive that only has a couple of GB free, slow cpu like a 1.5GHz, etc.


mem 8gb
gigabyte h81ms2pv
gtx 970
i7 4790
seagate 800 gb available space



Wow that’s some kind of weird.

Can you pull task manager and see what spikes in cpu usage while you’re loading?

If you can’t alt+tab properly while its loading, then the system itself is locking due to a bottle neck somewhere.


my cpu usage about 50% while loading its not stucking man its not a problem with my pc


Speaking as a technician, you would be surprised at how one small setting or missing DLL can cause a rockin’ system to grind to a halt on certain programs. for example, your cpu has 2 different variances with one specifically stating that certain motherboards would require a BIOS update to use. But since you can load into the system period, that is likely not the issue. There are other nooks and crannies of the GPU or motherboard that may lead to some point, but there isn’t any open evidence that points to anything specific other than its having a hard time either reading or storing the data. So unless your psu is underpowered (which I doubt since a 970 likely requires a 6/8pin adapter just to boot, you have a faulty sata cable, or your hard drive is having random read issues (not the same as sequential read) then I’m at a loss.

Even if it takes 30minutes, if you can successfully load into the game and have successfully played a game with no issues, then your system has no problem playing it and its quite strange to say the least.

All that said, if you run a performance benchmark on your hard drive and everything passes then I’m out of checks for the moment.


i solved my problem i said its not from my pc its because of rivatuner statistics server i put fps limit 0 on it and now gaming loading in 1 minutes :smile:

this game have problem with vsync i think


Interesting - Glad you found a solution :smiley:

Vsync is a take it or leave it kind of thing. You may not need it active. If you have any noticeable issues with it, please do let us know and someone in the community will try to assist.