I need to understand something


Just had a game as wraith, and I escaped the hunters (after an arena). the trapper managed to stay on me and shoot me as I tried to feed. As soon as he did that, I warped away three times- and he was STILL right behind me!! How is that possible?

It happens to me a lot, with Goliath as well for example, that I do a “full round” of evasion (3 leaps+ charge away) and the hunters are still on me, but I never thought it possible with wraith after using all stamina! It’s a fucking near-teleport, fastest movement of all the monsters! It never happened to me before when I played wraith, what the hell is going on here???


Sunny was probably their support, so she gave maggie a jetpack boost


Actually Bobs roll is fastest so far, Krakens is the longest lasting, Goliaths goes the Farthest, Wraiths is just uber bursty.

Who was Support? If Sunny, well, Sunny…
If not, just sounds like good hunters, jet pack management is a scary thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, I have a video of a skilled Sunny/Abe game that I barely came out on top of as Goliath. I only managed to shake them once :smiley_cat:


You may have come across some very skilled hunters.

There are those who there who got their jetpack usage ON POINT, no exaggeration intended.

Unless there’s a sunny in there…


Oh, right, forgot to mention they didn’t have Sunny. Just seemed obvious that if they did she’s the reason for this and I wouldn’t be surprised xD


Yeah theres a couple of factors here. Were you being traced via green tagging or being tracked by a dart. If so then good jet pack management will easily keep you on the monsters tail. Another idea is your location on the map. Sometimes you will be on the edge of the map and not even realize it, leaving the hunters only one way to chase you. Did you go uphill or downhill? Across multiple cliffs or just around a few corners? A monster can move in a circle much quicker than a hunter, find a big rock or point that can only be traveled around. Use it to break line of sight, figure out the hunter direction, and sneak around behind them. Wraith traversals are not so much as a distance gainer for the wraith as they are used to break vision and use the wraiths low profile to sneak away. It would be pretty unfair if the monster could out run you at all times no matter what.

Value your traversals greatly, your life depends on it.


Um no Goliath is easyliy the fastest.


Sometimes I get that matches too. It’s so frustrating. And after that I realized that maps are too small. I could shake them off and evolve, they couldn’t dome me. It’s either the trapper who is all the time behind you or team that splits up and chasing you.


Goliath has a good traversal but Bob’s traversal picks up speed the longer you use it so you can go much faster than any of the other monsters if you don’t stop rolling.


No I disagree… D:( xD
If only I could race you.


But he do that only on flat ground, he cant slow down hunters with cliffs. And all the time you should pray that little rock or some small obstacle or creature wouldn’t stop Behemoth.


I didn’t say that Bob’s traversal was better just saying it is faster than Goliaths.