I need something to cheer me up


BTW, you made this? It is amazing!



I did, hahah! Thank you! It’s nothing too fancy, just a chibi EMET I made a while ago but with an added background.

Just wanted to share some positive vibes around here :smiley:


Thanks for all the laughs guys. Really helped me out. So far I’m feeling better, even tho a lotta shit is still happening, especially with college.

I’m pretty sure I’ll make it through, but in the meantime back to lurking… or posting if we get some teases (Hint hint)



Idk. These IVs on the Lake of Rage Gyarados made me pretty happy. Feel better!


Wow numbers make you happy? You’re such a nerd!


Some more happy num… I mean look cars!!!




hi @XplosionIncorporated , how are you doing today? I hope you’re in better spirits.

i dont have much to share, i really liked the silly ugandan interview,

this is not bad too

we should officially use this thread for cheering up each other. i need cheering up myself