I need something to cheer me up


Took these pictures at the local amusement park.
They always manage to crack me up. :joy:

Happy cake day! :slight_smile: :cake:



Devin always makes me happy.

Warning for language and those without a (Canadian :maple_leaf:) sense of humor.

Edit: Canada


Me: *continues watching from the time stamped portion of the video*
Me: *gets the the giraffe*
Me: Oh… o.o
Me: Oh no… o.o
Mark: What a completely innocent video of a giraffe… and a fence… post
Me: Uh huh… yeah… o.o




I present to everyone the most relatable song in the world.


Hey @CptBoomBoom showed me this song a few days ago ^.^ lmao

One of these days I wanna play this as I’m leaving work lol


I really don’t know how to prevent time stamps…or to cause them. I just watch a video, and when I find it funny I copy and paste the link, lol. I’m a technical scrub.

8:45 I think is funniest.


When you start watching a video whilst logged in youtube will locally save the time you watched the video to when you stopped watching it (or sometimes at a random time after you’ve finished watcing it) this is put at the end of the video’s url as “=[number]s” (i.e. =320s) to get rid of the timestamp just delete that little bit of the video’s url and the link you post will start the video from the beginning.




Lets try what we’ve learned!



OK I was playing the most relatable song above then muted this pacific cat…

works well.


When you hit the share button, where ever you are in the video is where it’ll start playing on computer. (iirc you have to physically check the box on mobile for timestamps which is why I specified computer.) There’s a box you can uncheck that says something like “start at [insert timestamp here]”.


Maybe should’ve continued reading before replying lmao whoops



also, these always crack me up.



I’ll leave these here…