I need some tech support (not Evolve-related)


Ok, so whenever I try to access Youtube, the website just doesn’t load. It either spends eternity loading the page, or it shows up eventually, but it’s just a jumbled mass of text and images. The web player doesn’t work either; it just never shows up on websites where it’s embedded. If you embed a video in this thread, I won’t even know it’s there. Does anyone know what the hell is going on and how I can fix it?


have you tried shuting it down and turning it back on?


Shutting what down? My browser? Because that doesn’t work. My computer? I tried tha–

…Right, you were joking. I was just testing you ehehehehehehehehehe


I’m assuming you’re talking about on a computer, so what browser and operating system are you using?


Windows 10. It doesn’t work on any browser. Firefox, Chrome–they all fail.


thats your problem windows 10 is a piece of shit i went straight back to 7 after i upgraded piece of shit.


It worked before. Then, a few days ago, Youtube just stopped working for me.


I would do the following and see if these help:

  1. Restart your modem/router setup, sometimes a reboot will fix the problem
  2. Clear the browsing history and cache from your internet browsers
  3. If you have a Firewall installed, make sure that the website is not being blocked
  4. Clear the DNS cache on your computer, following the steps below:

Open Windows command prompt by typing cmd in search box, type ipconfig/flushdns and hit the return key. This command flushes your DNS cache and ensures that your computer’s network connection empties all the DNS data for previously visited websites and establishes new connections.

If nothing works I would call your internet service provider and see what’s up. Maybe it’s something on their end that’s stopping you from going to the website for some reason.


Thanks, I’ll give that a whirl.