I need some help from any die-hard Power Rangers fans here


I’m nothing if not hopelessly nostalgic, and one of the things I grew up with was Power Rangers. I never really got into anything but Dino Thunder as a kid, but even that I don’t remember too well. Well, being that it was something I was so enthusiastic about, it seems wrong that I should have such a poor understanding of the franchise. I’d go through all the episodes myself, but there’s hundreds of hours of TV that I really don’t think I can stand to watch.

With that in mind, if any of you guys are huge fans, I need 2 pieces of information from you: first, where can I go to watch entire seasons of Power Rangers at a whim? Second, what episodes should I watch to get all major story events and progression of character arcs, and what episodes (or even seasons) can I skip entirely?

I woulda turned to either of the big fan forums that seem to exist, but, uh…they rejected my account for some strange reason. I’ll never know why, but whatever, I’ll make do.


I think the first few seasons of MMPR are on Netflix as well as some other seasons of other series. My suggestion is skip Samuri, and anything beyond. To my knowledge after tying to watch Samari it’s all really bad from that point on. I suggest if you are going to watch those seasons watch the Japanese versions. Other than that there’s not much I can say since I too have not watched the series in awhile after all those awful versions.

Edit: I tried to find a meme where it talks about them really just slapping the word super onto every other version and saying it’s new just with the old cast. cough Super samurai cough Dino super charge cough


I’ve heard truly awful things about the neo-Saban era, so I guess I’ll just accept that they’re not worth my time.


Let me state that Super Sentai’s (what PR is called in Japan) version of those seasons might actually be worth watching since it’s not the kid friendly bull that they pull here in America.


I’ve never really understood the whole “English dub, but we replaced the actors and also the plot” thing. Is it for the same reason as the “jelly donut” fiasco from Pokemon, where something from another country is deemed unfit for American childrens’ eyes, so they can’t just dub it?


Well I’m japan they curse a lot and that’s okay for kids I guess.


I’ve only ever been a fan of the first 3 seasons or so. Tommy Oliver or gtfo.