I Need Motivational Tips~


Yet again I post a totally unrelated evolve topic ^^;
If this annoys people I’m sorry, I just love the community on this forum~ :blush:

So like, I’m a keen story teller and I’m highly creative, I come up with ideas for comics, manga and stories/novels all the time but what I seriously seem to lack is the motivation to take them further, I know they’re good ideas and stories, I also know I could easily expand on them.
I also have draw up a few designs and stories for games but that’s just something I do for fun~

Sometimes I suspect that perhaps I’m lazy, a thinker but not a doer; my girlfriend thinks that maybe my environment has a part in it, as it does affect my mood often.
I really don’t know what I’m lacking because I know I want to write and draw but when I try to do it I get easily distracted and work really slow. :confused:

Anyone have any motivational tips they could share with me or opinions in general? :hushed:

please not that, Shia LaBeouf “just do it” thing, because that brings out the aggressive side of my other personality, no idea why. XD


As of late I have started writing things again (well, one thing in particular but I digress) after a long time of not writing anything.

The main reason I have started writing again is because I have had a reason to, a goal if you will.

So anything I can give is to really make a goal for yourself and strive towards it.

Like, write x far or x chapters or whatever by x time.


Motivational tip: u are handsome and beautiful


Puts on shrink hat

What do you think causes you to not be motivated? We can tell you a lot of stuff that may hit the spot or completely miss the target, but you need to evaluate yourself and figure it out.

When i’m stuck on personal projects I think about why. Is it still fun? Am I forcing anything? Whatever’s the case, I act on what I discover.

The cognitive process is incredibly underrated and basically unheard of. I blame school.

School should teach people to think, not memorize.


I can relate to this. I enjoy coming up with stories and ideas, but when the time comes to sit down and write I immediately loose the drive I had a few minutes ago. I have five different independent stories and three fanfictions, all of which are in various states of completion. I find it helps to tell someone else ‘I’m going to write ______, I’ll have it for you to review by ______.’’ The pressure to not let them down helps me convince myself to actually write. Asking people to give you feedback on your writing is also a good step, though it can be a bit difficult to get honest opinions since peopled don’t want to hurt your feelings. If you want more suggestions from another writer, @Shunty should have some tips.

On a side note, I’m glad to find another writer on the forums. I’m happy you want to improve your writing and hope to see your work in the future. Whatever you make, I respect you for putting it out there.

In the meantime, here’s Pixar’s list of ideas.


Your girlfriend would be correct. Mood and atmosphere are essential when writing or drawing. Having the right music on, being in the right spot, having no one or someone around to help. You have to understand that there is nothing from stopping you, but you. Focus on what you want done, focus on what you want to make. Let it drive you. Push your thoughts out and put them on paper. All that matters is if you feel good. It’s up to you. So push yourself. Go inside your mind and throw out all the bad stuff. Focus on what you need. Focus and you’ll get there.


Saving that immediately!


Self evaluation is something I do rather frequently, I’ve spent years trying to work myself out, still not go it yet. XD

I do find it fun to make ideas and share them, but I find the writing and putting it into physical form a slog and often get bored >.<

Ditto with schools.


We never discover our true selves, but that doesn’t mean we should give up.

Keep thinking, It’ll take you far.


My feelings exactly!
I’m fine with people giving me feedback, even if it’s negative it’s really helpful to me :blush:

Thanks for the advice! ^^

I’m glad to meet another writer too! =D
I’d love to see some of your work.


Glad to help! I’d love to publish some of my work, but I’m currently in early stages. The only thing I’ve really gotten out there so far is this fanfic: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11599375/1/Evolution.


Thank you very, very much for your advice. :blush:
I’ll keep that in mind ^^


No problem. I’ve got a question though, how do you write? Ex: In bursts.


Well, all I can share is personal experience.

So for the last year or so, I’ve been wanting to learn drawing. I had the exact same problem; I get a great idea for something I want to draw, but when I start drawing it, I give up half way.

What I found most effective was just getting into the feel of things by, for example, coloring in other’s drawings or photoshopping things. After a while I got more comfortable with drawing my own things from scratch, with reference images.

So what I’m saying is, for me personally, the easiest way to do something that you want to do is ease yourself in, but always staying in your comfort zone :smile:


@PreePhoenix all the motivation you need


Well it depends what I’m working on, with comics I set my self a goal of how many pages I’d like done in a day; with my novels I usually set my self a minimum number of words I want wrote in a day and with drawing I just try to get as far as I can before my wrist hurts.
I have dyspraxia so I can only draw or write for so long, I type my novels so that’s never a problem.


Wizard! I totally love this song! ^^


Do you like PewDiePie?


I don’t really follow any youtubers ^^;
I’m more of a funny animals compilation video, type, girl :blush:

why do you ask? =o


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