I need money


Anyone know a way to get free money for X Box One i want all the trappers and i already bought one but i only have 6 dollars left and i cant get the rest


Donate plasma, or get a job, no way around it m8


There is no legit way to get “free monies” for this stuff, get a job or borrow a parents credit card. :stuck_out_tongue:


Rob a store.


lol good idea


Please do not buy Torvald you’ll help killing the game a little more


too late already bought him


Quite an exaggeration.


Not realy…


There’s always the black market for organs, I mean, do you really need 2 kidneys? I’m sure you can live with one


There is one way…
You can sell your virgin body to rich German’s for 1 night fun


Win the lottery.
Quick and easy. :slight_smile:


simply ask parents :smiley:


Spend the next week collecting change outside of a gas station


The real answer here is do some odd jobs. Is there snow by you? Ring a bell and ask to shovel. Lots of leaves fallen down…or brush piling on people’s lawns? Ring a bell and ask to clean up. Living in a wonderful warm place where folks are in need of lawns to be cut…you get the idea. You can probably done one job and be able to pay for what you’d like for Evolve. Just be a little proactive and you’d be surprised what you can get. :smile:


Use Xbox Live Rewards and Bing Rewards.I almost got Evolve free thanks to bing rewards. Just redeem your credits for Microsoft Xbox gift cards.