I need help with my microsoft lumia 640 xl


I now have a Microsoft Lumia 640 XL. Everytime I want to download apps from the store, it tells me that I must set up “myfamily”. I looked in it and it seems like everything is ok. But when I tried to install some apps again it still tells me that I must set up “myfamily”. What can I do now? And if you don’t have a solution then please ask some friends or persons you know that also have a lumia smartphone. Maybe they can help me.


So are you able to install apps at all? Does it just keep popping up and is just a nuisance or is it completely stopping you?


It’s stopping me from installing apps.


If you are under 18 it may be because of that. I’ve just looked it up and that is the conclusion most people come up with.


I’m 16 but it shows me that I’m adult.


In which case I have zero clue. Sorry mate. :sweat:


Time to bring it back to the store -.-


I have the 640 and haven’t even seen “myfamily”. It is probably something simple that the store can help you with though.


Take a look through this.


Might be what you’re looking for.


My problem is solved. My father made a Microsoft account and logged in on my phone. Now I can download apps ^^


I’m a long time windows user and never even heard of that.

I have a 950 XL.