I need help with Maggie


Whenever I play as a monster I can not deal with a good maggie. Most often this occurs when I land in a lobby of premades (even though I want to play medic) and the team usually consists of Maggie, torvald, hank/sunny, and caira. You might say just run but that doesn’t always work. I just need tips for countering daisy as a tracking tool specifically. Anything besides “kill daisy” would be great because that’s a great way to get stage 1 domed.


Summoning @MaddCow because of his black magic Daisy Juking skills


I will reply to this later. Just leaving work right now. :slight_smile:


When I play Maggie, I ignore Daisy. This is likely true for most if not all good Maggie users o.o…

Daisy just lets you know which direction the monster is, and then if he snuck past you. The player will be listening for sounds of… Well… Pretty much anything. And also using the map and their intuition to determine where you will go or hide to trap you. If you’re in a corner of the map, you’re likely to just keep moving on, Maggie will cut you off and dome you.

What you need to do is sniff and check for Daisy. Daisy is tethered to Maggie, so if Maggie breaks away from the other hunters, Daisy will follow. Daisy’s health bar is different in colour from the hunters, so it’s easier to spot. If Daisy is following behind you, you’re fine. Keep running. If Daisy isn’t with the hunters, consider changing your direction, even if that takes you past the other hunters. Usually, the good Maggies will not be with the other hunters.

The only real way to get rid of Daisy, is to go into water, make tracks on the other side, then go up/down stream for about 250m, then exit sneaking. Daisy will lose your scent and need to be guided around to find it again. This, however, is impractical, as you’re likely to be heard using your traversals to move through the water, and probably will be seen.

What I would recommend is to:

  1. Stay on the move, if you make a lot of distance, feed heavily, but keep sniffing to look for Daisy.
  2. Attack the hunters with your skills from a range to force them to waste their jetpack fuel, or to simply make them slow down to heal a bit. If they don’t slow down, or someone is heavily injured, consider taking them out, to slow them down more and give yourself a small advantage.
  3. Use the terrain to break their view. Daisy will run to the last footprint that you leave, so leave a footprint, and then double back whilst sneaking, above or below the hunters.
  4. Take out MAGGIE where possible. Ignore Daisy unless she’s low on hp. She really isn’t a priority.


Thank you! Appreciate the help!


Yeah, I agree with Trick above. Daisy is scary at first but once you understand her mechanics it’s not so bad. Sneaking isn’t useless against Daisy since your sneaking trail is given a lower priority than your loud trail. So if you make a long sneaking line and then jump even once she will bypass all sneaky footprints and head straight for your most recent loud print.

Because Maggie will be actively tracking you/trying to cut you off you can usually single her out pretty well. Put 2 Strikes against the Trapper and you effectively control the map now since any dome can be taken down with relative ease.

Also consider taking the feeding speed perk and just circle the map eating and running. If you get enough armor to stage up consider getting domed on purpose and then either getting out of the dome quickly or removing the Trapper. Then put as much distance as you can and evolve. If they find you, you might take a bit of damage but the dome should be on cooldown so you should be able to get away and armor up then.


Must add to this. I’ve heard some people say that as trapper you just need to learn which direction of a circle the monster is moving in around the map (Clockwise or counter-clockwise), and then head to where he’ll be, set a trap potentially, and dome him. After hearing that, I realized, that’s true of a lot of monsters. So I would say DON’T do as mentioned above.

Once you head in one direction, ensure the hunters don’t have Line of Sight (LoS), and then drop into a sneak, and go back behind them, using the terrain. So it there’s a unclimbable rock to your left, sneak and then turn the corner and head back. Hide in a bush if the hunters are a little far out, and the continue. This will help throw the trapper off a bit.

Another point to mention is that sneaking leaves invisible footprints, but Daisy will be walking SLOWER when you’re sneaking. She’ll have her nose to the ground and sniff along the trail. This is useful info if you’re a monster or trapper, I guess.


Thanks, ill try this stuff out. You’re knowledge is greatly appreciated!


I mean, don’t literally run in a circle around the edge of the map. I was more or less trying to say never stop moving. Yeah, do what Trick said. Go toward the edge and move a little and then when you see Daisy coming up, cut across the middle, or try to double back on them. Personally though, I find the best strat to just eat and run until S2, full armor and then turn and destroy Maggie for being so far ahead of the group.