I need help using slim


Me and my friends are all around in agreement that 3 out of the 4 new hunters are solid, balanced hunters. Except for slim! He’s absolute trash. he can’t get health to the hunters whatsoever. his healing burst is barely enough to do anything, and charging it up is ridiculous. his drone is worthless in combat. And the smelling spores…I can’t really find a good use for them. Maybe they work, maybe not, but in our evolve group, whoever plays as the monster usually doesn’t have any comment about the spores.

Am I using the character right, or is slim just bad?


He is good to revive a downed hunter, he send his…thing and turn around him, shooting the monster and reviving him while the others punish the monster.

But this is situational and don’t really work with Kraken.


Spam leech gun at close-mid range and every few shots hit heal burst. His healing is great if you stay in the fight. Make sure you’re shooting the spores at the monster and not on yourself or other hunters. It only inhibits him is he is in the cloud. I am on Xbox so I get kinda close and after 4 trigger pulls I hit heal burst.


Slim is currently hovering around a 60% win rate, though some of that is probably Sunny’s doing; she’s quite strong, and they tend to be taken together. Regardless, he’s far from trash, and unless I’m much mistaken the general community thoughts on him tend to be that he’s the only Medic other than Caira worth taking (unless you’re going for some niche hyper-aggressive comp with Val).

His healing is… actually quite good, if you know how to position. If you think charging it up is “ridiculous”, then you’re probably not using the Leech Gun well enough. Try getting closer. He can easily get two or three healing bursts off every four or five seconds. To compensate for this, this requires him to position very aggressively, which makes him vulnerable, so you’ll generally need to coordinate with your Support to defend you. It helps if they’re able to actively shield you; Hank and Slim work very well together.

Shady the Magical Healing Fairy doesn’t like getting close to the Monster. He runs away if the person you send him to takes damage, so he’s strictly for keeping the back line topped off or reviving downed teammates. Especially the latter. You should always try to send him towards anyone who’s been knocked down. The Monster often won’t spot him in time, and you’ve got a free revive off as a result.

The spore grenades are actually very disruptive, but this is admittedly something that the Monster can learn to mitigate with practice and depends on your allies being evasive. In general, you should open fights by covering a wide area in spores, then switching to the Leech Gun if someone needs the extra healing. Whenever you see the opportunity, though, put down a spore canister. Keep in mind that it’s best not to aim directly at the Monster, but rather at the ground between the Monster and whoever you think his next target is going to be (unless he already has a target pinned). This will keep him in the cloud as long as possible. Maximum bang for your buck.

Really, Slim’s healing is very strong. It just requires you to play him aggressively, which is dangerous and requires your teammates to pay attention and be ready to assist you. Remember that Slim gets reduced healing from his own bursts, so he’s not as tanky as Caira. But so long as you pay attention and are ready to dodge when the Monster turns towards you, you’ll be quite easily able to fulfill your role in the team.


Slim is absolutely the best medic in the game. Your problem from what I read is that you are trying to use him like the other medics. You have to play him more like an assault. meaning use your leech gun almost non-stop. every three hits with the leech gun completely charges your healing burst. Now your healing burst has TWICE(2X) the range of all the other medics, but heals HALF(1/2X) as much. What this means is that you need to fire your leech gun as quickly, but accurately as you can. as soon as your healing burst is charged use it. using this tactic you can fire a healing burst every one to two seconds.

The spore cloud is very very very good, but it only works if the monster is in side the spore cloud. This means you need to keep firing the spore cloud if the monster is moving around. as long as the monster is inside the spore cloud the monster is basically blind.

The healing drone should only be used outside of combat. DO NOT USE IT IN COMBAT! It instantly dies in the target takes ANY damage. That said it can be send to heal people across the map.

play a solo game using these tactics to get use to it and you will understand Slims unbelievable power.


Hes very situational, pretty cool medic and difficult to figure out theres a sweet spot for his range, and you just gotta keep ridiculously good tabs on your teammates for the healing drone