I need help please. Download probems with steam .I also want to play TU 9



IM donwloading the new evolve for 2 days straight now . its at 96 % and i restarted my pc to give it a break AND NOW ITS AT 4 % when i entered steam . I feel like breaking into tears of horror. Please help me.


Really sorry to hear that. But I’m afraid there’s not much anyone will be able to do to speed your download from Steam. I guess you can try to minimize other usage of your internet connection, don’t stream movies and stuff. But that setback is really harsh.


Fucking everyone posting , How great that is and how nice this is , etc . And im here With a fucking download setback and has to wait ANOTHER FUCKING 2 days before i can join. I dont want you to sympathise with me , i just want you to know how frustrated i am and how this is tearing me apart. Its like if you missed the newest game of thrones episode and everyone spoils it for you


Wait so im gonna miss the double key playweek? HOW FUCKING AMAZING!


Totally understand your frustration, but unfortunately this is either a steam issue or your isp. There’s nothing the devs can do, unfortunately. :frowning: