I need help playing Kraken

I can win with Wrath, Behemoth, and on occasion with Goliath. I just can not win with Kraken. What am i doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.

This is how most of my Kraken games go.

Also I have no idea why I flew away from the medic when she was almost down.

Kraken, kraken…

If I could help you I would. I just don’t play Kraken, nor do I like him.


I’m just going to edit this as I watch to start always follow aftershock up with heavy vortex
Aftershock is your bread and butter either use it every time it’s off cooldown generally you wanna mitigate in domes if you don’t have armor pick spots to evolve where you can easily break LOS like on that map there is this jungle gym at the side of the map with the second dome further up
Another thing I would try is vortexing them into the Lightning strike so you throw the vortex at them from mid range pop l strike behind them and use the vortexs cc to push them into the lightning strike

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Nobody really picks LS and VT at S1. LS is very easy to dodge. Banshees would be better. You can lay them behind you as you flee giving hunters something to focus on. You can also use them with VT and snowballs to quickly kill 4 meats with the new damage at 1 point.

S1: 1 BM, 2VT [Alternative setup: 1LS, 1VT, 1BM]

If you’re going to sneak, don’t stop to eat so close to the dropship. Especially if you’re thinking of faking out the hunters. Against Jack you don’t want to leave ANY tracks if you’re sneaking. When you went up river, you flew a bit and that can leave a drop on the rock to be picked up by the SS. The route you took is a good one. If you rushed it you could have had an evolve by the time you got to the top, but that’s fine. I wouldn’t play with the map open. You lose a large part of the map, and can’t see elite wildlife icons.

Use snowballs much more often. Keep pressing the R2 button and sending them out.

The S2 build you took is the one used in the old meta. It’s not as good in this one.

S2: 1LS, 1BM, 2VT, 2AS

Hunters were huddled a lot in the second dome, and the medic was very low. You failed to capitalise by using an AS immediately on them. AS, drop down, heavy attack, VT, fly back up, LS at anyone low or incapped medic. Kill the medic and send to dropship, continue on from there. When on the run, keep looking around sniffing to check the hunter’s location.

Third dome you took Sunny down, but failed to finish her off and send to dropship. Big mistake. That gave Val a lot more survivability. If you finished her off the team would crumble fast. Don’t use AS from too far away. When Jack was low you used AS from too far away and dropped down, allowing him to escape the range. When you need to feed, ensure you block LoS from the hunters or they will just stop you eating. That’s a critical mistake you’re making.

I split the information up into key moments.

  • S1 run and dome

  • S2 dome and flee

  • S2 2nd dome

  • S2 2nd dome flee

Also, what perk did you pick at the start?

You sure gave me a lot to look at. I went with the damage increase on this one, but lately I have been using cool down reduction a lot more

Thanks for the combo info

Damage increase is good.

As you play more with kraken, you’ll get better. Spread your banshees around, as hunters usually fire at your face and banshees can just burst in the air.

I’m glad me and trick or treat could help although I think you owe him something good to eat
The stupid in was hard to resist although if you post more games we can get s better feel for your playing style mistakes try streaming then linking me the twitch

I’ll try and post another video sometime this weekend. Thanks

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You aren’t focusing down your opponents good enough. That medic shouldn’t have escaped without getting a strike when she had a slither of health and likewise with the trapper. Use your Aftershocks more appropiately as well, when the medic was at the edge of the dome you should’ve used it. That and when you’re flying away face your opponents and shoot Vortex/Aim Lightning strike at them to slow them down.

That and I wouldn’t sneak at the beginning, you did all that sneaking and for what? They caught you at stage one still. Sneaking just slows down eating and your evolve time, so just get your evolve meter full as quick as possible. Also, as Kraken don’t be afraid to get in close quarters or get in their face when focusing someone. Once you get a strike or do what you wanted then get airborne again to get negate damage as best as you can.

Theres literally 3 of these threads at the top of krakens forums, all at the top, all made within the last 24 hours lol.

I hate to be a “Search” nazi, buuut…

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That’s true, but each player has their own problems. Think of these as a “Please critique my gameplay” thread.

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If you need help with kraken, but not with wraith, I’m not sure if we’re playing the same game because kraken is literally an OP piece of shit that everyone hates.

ok I always pick Lighting Strike, Banshee Mines, Vortex/After Shock, at S1. They are quite powerful for Stage 1 fights. You also need to keep in mind that Kraken’s Transveral sucks for gaining ground. I always run feeding speed because I like to keep on the move. By looking at the first engagement, you have to target one hunter only. That hunter is the medic unless if laz. Laz will go cloaked a lot so incap a hunter to bait.

Vortex is a must S1 for silent and fast farming.

I’m getting some practice playing solo. Using @xTr1ckOrTr3atx S2 build of LS 1, BM 1, AS 2 , and V 2. Now for stage 3 is LS 2, BM 2, AS 3 and V 2 a good way to go?

Stage 3 is more variable and you can put points into abilities you find were most effective at S2.

I would consider;

1VT 1BM 1 LS

You can’t really say one is absolute best. If they have a markov avoid points in BM. If they don’t, you can making 2 point or 3, depending on how well they shoot them down. LS, if they make mistakes and get hit or almost get hit at 1 point, 2 will help. 3 points in AS is only really required if they bunch up often, but mostly dodge your 2 point AS when you come in.

I usually run with;