I need help i dont know if my finger is broken or not


my ring finger has like purpleness in the lines of it like it looks like a bruise but then again idk I can move and bend still but once its about to touch my hand it hurts like a crap ton and it wont reach the rest of my hand

not sure if the lines on the finger are visible on this picture to show what I’m talking about do note not my hand


I dont think it’s broken, if it were you would have difficult moving it and it would hurt a crap ton afaik. What I think has happened is you’ve trapped or bashed it and busted a vein, so it will ache when touched. Either that or you have a blood blister? But it doesnt sound like a blister to me.


Do you not have a phone camera to show us what you mean?


How about going to a Hospital and let a Doc check it, rather than asking random people on the internet, that are, potentially, not qualified Medics?


Listen here u lil sh-
Nah jk. But I am an ex medic player!


You’re a goddess, Chawy :smiley:


That just sounds like you’ve bust a vein. Keep an eye on it and take pain killers if it causes any distress or pain, put a cold compress on it maybe (like a cool cloth or something) if it’s swollen


There is nothing I can respond to this that will not be considered a flame.
You cannot be that s… naive … go …to a fking … hospital it is your health you are talking about.
Send us a pic if you lose that finger. O_o


well i do have a bunch of ice in my freezer s


wow i cant type right now O_o
i don’t think I’m going to lose it i mean it looks like a ridiculous bruise but i don’t know


I am seriously impressed that you survived until an age that you are able to operate a computer.


Sounds like your health doesn’t mean shit to you. Good job
I would rather borrow 50 bucks from someone and sit a couple of hours on my butt (besides, it’s not 1950 anymore, we have modern equipment for portable entertainment), than having troubles for the rest of my life with my hand because a fracture didn’t healed the way it should be


Never take medical advice from the Internet. Get to an urgent care center and get professional help.


Keep us posted and let us know how you’re doing. While I agree, don’t take much advice from people on-line, if it concerns you, it should get looked at…even if you do reside in the US where seeking an ER will takes hours and tons of your money away. Better safe and broke than sorry.