I need good hunter team, xbox uk based! becoming painful playing with randoms

Hey guy’s im not attesting to be the greatest player ever but im lvl 32 climbing steadily, enjoy playing assault/ medic.
what im finding a real struggle lately is that im finding games with randoms is becoming a real painful experience and actually beginning to make the game not as enjoyable, and I love the game!
I just want some cool people to play with be on mics with, make a well oiled slick team and have some fun.
im uk based so eu timescale and my gamer tag is brucepanther add me and lets have a good game.

This should help you find some people:

Happy Hunting!

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No one uses gridom anymore . Add me GeckoHXO, I play assult mainly but started as medic, I play pretty hardcore when I’m not working , have sparadic shifts at work so mostly around after 10pm at the latest, most days I’m on all evening

I’m also a bit of a theory nerd , I keep up to date on upcoming changes and spend allot of time mixing things up for optimal settings .

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Feel free to add me, I normally play in a party and will invite you if there’s space.

Those randoms…

GT: Spearmint Spaff