I need friends on ps4


Friend me on ps4 it’s mmc-03


I’m gonna post this message to say hi :slight_smile:

I’m on xbox but it would be a shame to see you get no responses


Play with the Tatzys :smiley: - We are from Europe, Silver Experts with over 1000h playtime.
PSN: TatzyXY and TatzyXX



Might want to look into Plaff’s new thread, there is some cool info there!


Check out the Evolve Community on PS4. Lots of players.


Add me to your friends list, my psn ID is kratos44355


PSN: CaptainSmash87
let’s hunt together!




ayyy if i forget to add then add… PSN: this_is_VALHALLA




I sent you a message


Add me on ps4 bigbossblue