I need creative assistance for my evolve comic


I have a good portion of the first story done, but I could use some help naming the monsters, gadgets, characters that I insert. The comic revolves around my friends and I. We reflect our classes and characters within in evolve, then there our personalities which are somewhat notable.


Well you could always name them similitarly around what they look like and what they do like lazarus the reviver.

P.S. what how I would like to read this comic:yum:


The current monster, is intelligent, and playing with our minds in the sense that it is not really fighting. The primary attribute that I have created and the hunters know about is a rather significant crest that changes color depending on what it’s going to inflict. Such as blue for lightning or a pitch black for an effect that induces fear. Agile, fast, four limbs with a black texture and tough, but smooth skin. Has more of a screech than a roar. Whiplike tail. I believe that’s all I’ve got for now.


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I will recategorize this thread as community content since we are talking about your comic which is related to evolve, if that’s ok for you! :slightly_smiling:
Btw, on topic, i can’t help you very much about your comic. but if you need help about naming monsters, @LordDerp can help you since he won the contest of the kaijus ^^

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Welcome to the forum. It’s great seeing new people sign up. It may be worth giving this thread a read by the way.

I look forward to reading this comic of yours. :slightly_smiling:


If you need any exotic names for monsters, feel free to hit me up :grin:


May I suggest looking up mythical creatures or other legends?
F.E: Native American legends, Norse mythology, Egyptian, greek…
Also may I suggest naming the one described here Chroma?


Alright, how about these:
orr’e, meaning ‘soul/spirit’ in R’lyehian
ronsem, meaning ‘mind’ in Na’vi
Clíodhna, name comes from Irish folklore
Bánánach, again, Irish folklore

Things like this? Or less obscure ones?


I would prefer less obscure names, you know things that fit in to the evolve universe. Something that could be easily remembered and represents the creature well.


Lucifer is the one then.

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Alright, how about these:


I can definitely help you out with naming monster and creating gadgets


I’m deciding among the options given. All help given on this forum is appreciated.

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My friends and I have decided to go with Wendigo. If anyone wants to, I would recommend posting healing gadgets and abilities that you would want in the game. Then I could possibly implement on characters.
If there are any questions anyone has about the comic, I’ll be happy to answer them.


1: I can come up with 5 by tomorrow or today

2: Look for some healing gadgets in the Hunter Ideas in the meantime


Healing beacon (deployable): Sits like Emet’s buoys but irradiates frequent pulses which heal, like small Healing bursts.

SalveRay(beam): Shoots out a continuous, conical beam. The further away the target is the less healing they receive, but the area of the beam widens and so at longer ranges it can heal multiple targets.

Med Sprayer(stream): Works like Hyde’s flamethrower. Emits a spray of gas which release particles of hydrocortisone. Similar range to Hyde’s flamethrower, so it is easy to target both single and multiple targets.

Rename as you wish.


Those were some great suggestions and I will implement them when the time comes. I also need weapons for assault, and the other classes. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Thank you guys for any and all support.