I Need Artists!


So with my recent ventures in making little stories for the dev team and a few for the people in the community, I got to thinking; “Why isn’t there any art to represent the story?”, then I remembered. I have no artistic ability. So if I may ask those who do, is it possible for there to art added to these?


I… Might see what I can do?
I know when I mentioned the whole “I might draw the devs” on your story thread I immediately remembered that I drew me and MajorLeeHyper after we’d played a few coordinated games of Evolve on the weekend.

I dunno what you’d be interested in though, and whether you want it clean or scruffy lines :stuck_out_tongue:


It would be simple stuff and the art style doesn’t matter. Just a scene from the story is all.


I’m an artist but I seem to have trouble finding time to make my own art!


I might be able to help somehow :smiley:
What is it you’re looking for?


Nothing in particular, just something from one of the stories. Ex: Nerd Jesus and the Holy Nostrils climbing the mountain back to Nerd Jesus’s village.


Definitely get help from them both if you can, they’re amazing artists.


Sounds like my kinda job.


Darn straight.
I mean…

This here is your greatest creation. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This reminds me @Iseanna what scene from the stories would you like to do?