I need a little help (pliss)

I noticed the bugs section is gone, but i need some assistance that i believe can be rendered anyway.

I cannot access the store, and i think it is the link between myself and 2K. I vaguely remember there being a method to fixing that, a way of resetting that.

Please do not close the thread until i confirm if it actually fixes my issue.

I may need to provide additional details and pray it is something that can be “tech supported” .

Have you tried deleting cache?

That is what i am asking for. I do not know how. I am, however, about to pass out…

I will let you know after i wake up if it works, provided you leave the steps for me to follow.

Try reinstalling or confirming game files

First try this:

Navigate to your local game files by right clicking on Evolve Stage 2 in your games library

Select Properties from the drop down list
On the new window select Local Files

Choose Browse Local Files

Find the “client.m2k” and “cache.m2k” files and delete them

Restart the game

Hope for the best

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Tried your method, tried doing what @Axilla said. Unable to reinstall, because my internet is so slow it would take a few days to get it back and I doubt it would be successful anyway.

Any other “Tech Support” type tips? Or should i give up my hopes of accessing the store until i can try from maybe a friend’s computer?

If there are no other people with possible solutions, please close the thread and i will attempt to lodge a complaint with the giant brick wall that is 2K.

Did you check this thread? Might be something in there that could help you.

The store is fucked for me too, each time it happens more and more often. I know of a guy who’s been playing for a week and he never had the store working once, so he can’t buy any characters at all.

In the past I didnt mind it, because I could just wait until the store worked again, but right now I have no clue what to do because it’s getting too annoying.

I carefully read through the entire thread. Nothing in there is new, unfortunately. I think i will have to bite the bullet and submit a report to 2K and cross my fingers i guess.