I need a good vocalist for an Evolve Parody!


I’m keeping what song I’m doing a secret right now, but if you are interested and good at singing a rock/classic metal song for the sake of Evolve, contact me!!

This is going to be a really cool thing!


I think you mean I’m doing my good sir!


Thanks lol


Tagging someone who might be able to help:
@ToiletWraith @LaggerCZE @niaccurshi @Quirkly



I can’t sing.



Maybe if it were a rap but not this lol


You tease me.


That friggin’ gif, man. I will have nightmares. O.O lol


I like how you came in with that intro lol


This song made me giggle while making it


It’s “Mother” by Danzig, isn’t it?


Lol no

It is not


Gib details or rito.




I completely forgot I posted that




I can’t sing, but I have thought of making Evolve Music Videos. :wink:


Asking me to sing is worse than asking me to fire the nukes.


walks in

steals gif

walks out

But for realz. Evolve-based lyrics can’t be easy to do, especially with the really heavy/scream parts Papa Roach has in that song. Good luck.


Jimmy and Libby in the background of the video like: “The fuck and I witnessing?” lmao xD