I need a good team of dedicated hunters for evolve on xbox one


I need new friends to play evolve with! I really love the game and want, no NEED dedicated people to play with! I’m not sure how this forum stuff works so sorry if I went about this wrong :slight_smile: my GT deadsacrosanct feel free to say hi please!


Check this thread out!


Thank you!


Add me on xbox one- GT Mikedog6000


Add me. I main Medic but don’t mind playing Support or Assault.

GT: Singular Apathy


Add me if you want a monster: Steam ID: Vanadrom Arda


There are others looking for a group, try to create a game here:


Add me, I play Hunters exclusive and use a mic. GT is Exar0s


SecretAgentxP. My gt. I love playing trapper, have tier 3 trap… I like medic and support, in reverse order with those two. I’m working towards caira and bucket, respectively.