I mostly end up as monster

ok, now i finally created an accout to report this bug, have been lurking since last year.
because this bug bugs the hell out of me.
sometimes 8 out of 10 times i end up as monster in a game … even though its my 5th choice … I REALLY DONT WANT TO PLAY MONSTER!
so you have a game, 3 human players, 2 bots in the lounge … and i end up as monster. how is this even possible ?
this is so frustrating :frowning: #
please please fix this

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Less of a bug and more like the game will almost always make a person Monster. Regardless of preference.

Slightly more detailed response here. I suppose this would affect more than just arena.

Thats a seperate bug.

Or there are 3 people premade 1 bot hunter and the system throws you in as a monster in order for the hunters to all not be fighting a bot. Basically, it ensures there are players on both sides.