I missed you guys.. so how are you doing?


Hello , things in my life got slightly better,

So I came here to say hi and ask you guy, How are you doing ? :blush:

Also I reckognized PC Evolve comunity hit sad achievment " under 1000 players active "

Like what happened ? Week ago there were about 1300 ppl. So I am kinda confused now …


Hi @Zeon, glad to hear you’re doing ok and that you haven’t forgotten about us. :smile:
I am sure the numbers will pick up again as we get closer to t5, well I hope so anyway.

That gif made me smile by the way. :smiley:


I hate rabbits but I like you


Glad to hear that things are going good for you. Where have you been if you don’t mind me asking?


They had a laz vs kraken challenge. It went over about how well you’d expect community wise. They also decided behemoth needed to be ultra weakened. Can’t have done well playerbase wise. But hey we’re still holdin on.


What did I miss?


They put a huge delay on entering traversal after punching. It’s damn heavy like rockthrow windup severity self cc after a punch on pc. Teams that exploit it with poons and orbitals are freakin brutal. Just shoot a poon when orbitals first bomb hits and he is almost entirely stuck eating the whole thing simply by a completely denied traversal use. Torval morters and hyde nades also get much worse along with catching sunny boosts. They really don’t want behemoth to keep up with anyone essentially. He also can’t follow up heavies with light because he can’t get close enough for a repeat hit without a wall.


Oh that was only changed on PC, that’s why I overlooked it. But I guess that change will be coming to consoles… great -___-


This. People complained about rolling+meleeing Behemoth’s… but the tactic originated out of necessity, not as an exploit


Thing shall be loud indeed once more then 10% or so of the population is stuck with it. It seriously is abysmally frustrating to play.


plz take down duh buny pic Ty fam