I miss Evolve so much


Well there was a PVE mode… It was a Halloween event where you fought off a bunch of gorgons and then the Queen.


Oh yeah, I liked the design of that.


I personally wouldn’t mind getting rid of the PvP element in favor of a more balanced Hunter experience. I loved playing as Hunters, the different weapons and abilities and being able to dodge with jetpack bursts.

Monster Hunter type games seem to be doing well. A twist on the genre wouldn’t hurt.


But it would no longer be the asymmetrical pvp game it was advertised to be. That was what made the game so unique and interesting in the first place. Although it would be neat to make a separate with a monster hunter esque style gameplay set in a futuristic environment.


I think it’d lend itself to a much larger array of possibilities and would allow the devs to be much more creative in terms of gameplay mechanics and monster movesets. It was the balancing and how unrewarding the hunt was what killed the game.

It’s hard to balance asymmetrical games, but PvE will most of the times feel fair and rewarding, imo, and I think it would’ve allowed to give the game a different focus and perhaps a much brighter future, despite what the 4v1 lovers may think.



I always thought hunt felt very rewarding for either side.


Anyway to disable the notification (or the login attempt) on the Evolve: Stage 2 menu, where it takes a long time to attempt a login and it fails? Kind of tedious when I finish a match, then I’m waiting for 20-30 seconds at the menu, until I can do something.



I can’t. The name of the game is pretty much ruined. Sucks but we can blame 2k for that.

Mention evolve to someone “oh you mean that game with the greedy devs/publishers” or “the game with hundreds of dollars of day one dlc” or “the one that sold an op monster on day one”