I miss Evolve so much


There was so much goddamn potential.

Potential to be different, to be exciting, innovative, popular.


Is there the slightest, even the fucking slightest chance that Evolve could ever make a return?

I’m so desperate for hope right now, I need something to hold onto.


In the same capacity Evolve was? No.

But I can see 2K waiting a bit and trying some kind of reboot/genre switch down the road. Do I think it’ll be good? Maybe.


I hope.

God, I loved this game.


Certain people in this forum may be working on unannounced Evolve-inspired content. It has yet to be seen if they are just tributes, or larger spoofs or spiritual successors. (Or if they will even exist.)

2K seems to like burying their mistakes deep in the woods, so I wouldn’t count on them pulling Evolve out of the body bag… IMO, the only chance is if another game becomes a big hit in the genre and 2K decides it wants a finger in the pie.


Evolve wasn’t making them any money


Profit is really everything in game industry :frowning:


The lyrics is perfect for Evolve, I think.


If they ever do, I really wish it was limited to PvE. I know we have a lot of monster players out there that enjoyed that kind of gameplay, but 4v1 is extremely difficult to balance and I’d say there’s a sore lack of class-based co-op PvE shooters, Alien Swarm being of the few ones I can think of right now, and that’s like a 10 year-old game.


I have a different opinion on this. If they make Evolve as PVE, then the whole game concept would probably change ultimately. Playing Evolve is mainly joining a lobby, using strategies and personal skills to have fun opposing the other force and enjoy the victory, as direct as a PVP game it is. The game does not have much extentions beyond it, such as trapping infected and go through background stories, like in L4D a typical PVE game. To make Evolve a PVE needs to revise much of its original designs and that will make it a completly different game. I don’t know very much, these are only my personal feelings. Feel free to oppose my ideas!


I think the community is the most tightly knit I’ve ever come across to be honest.
I’m on the Gearbox forum and a few others and it’s just not the same type of crowd. Shouldnt be surprising I guess giving the demographics each game aims at.
I do miss this game and the people I spent hours upon hours logging in on this game




If anyone still wants to actually play Evolve then there’s a busy steam group chat that has games going every night. I can invite you in if we’re friends on steam:


Yes, but it could be an entire different vision pending what 2k decides to do with it while it is in their file cabinet.

Personally I am happy Turtle Rock Studios is still working on an a new AAA title along with great VR Games.

Take Solace that the parents of Evolve are still alive and well and working on another game of happiness death and destruction… (oh and exploring)


I tried playing quickplay today. I found a game in less than a minute. I think I will play again soon. I have had so much fun with this game but I never got my friends to buy it or even try it during stage 2 :disappointed:


I wish I could download the game atm. Sadly I am unable to grab such a large file over my cellular network…


I thought the servers had been shut down?


Did you not read the 2k shut down announcement? Dedicated are down permanently. Multiplayer can still be played in legacy Evolve via peer to peer servers which work pretty damn well from my experience so far. I’ve played loads of legacy games with people in the evolve group chat


I came back recently and found out they shutdown. Glad to still be able to play offline with bots though; would be great, if everything was given out for free like the gold skins etc. for offline, since I really wanted to try the other skins out.

A bit annoying also, when it keeps trying to log me in and I keep getting notifs at the menu (Evolve: Stage 2).

Edit: Another thing I’d love to see is to spectate a bot only match like Val, Hank, Griffin and Markov bots vs Goliath bot etc. for offline with spectate under all the choices of hunters and monsters.


Come to legacy… On the menu thing, if you click NO you will get into the game and can play with people


The whole concept of evolve was supposed to be a pvp boss bottle. Making it only PVE destroys the entire point of the concept.