I miss evolve so much even seeing it in my mash of games i wanna cry



Evolve. The game that had so much potential. It had so many things that couldve been done. The adrenaline of the monster hunt. The satisfying feeling of getting that final hunter kill. The memories, the fun, the awesome gameplay…gone. Everytime I get on my xbox i go to all my games and instantly want to get into a game of evolve and now I cant. I miss this game so much and wish 2k would just do something with it or let them work on stage 2 and let it blow up because it would, instead of having all of us fans heartbroken over losing what couldve been so much and what has been an amazing journey. I still hope that something will come cuz damn I wish I could just play right now. :frowning_face:


Legacy Pc Peer 2 Peer. Take it easy kid.