I messed up


I got my Gamestop digital preorder and was told that it would unlock at 12 pm on the 10th. I recheck the site and now it says its going to unlock at 12 am tonight. I’ve already worked myself out after a long day of work and now im working on homework and classwork until 10. I am going to be one tired dude tomorrow afternoon when i wake up.


Gamestop doesn’t know the difference between midnight and noon. Color me shocked…


First world problems and all…


Do you think people in the third world say “third world problems and all” when something inconveniences them?


I think they usually say “Please don’t shoot, I have nothing to give”


Digital download? Codes went out at 10 am PST. Check your order history for the code.

Physical copy? It’s a midnight release.


He’s saying that Gamestop told him it wouldnt unlock until noon, but he just found out it unlocks at midnight lol