I made an EVOLVE LFG website!


Check it out and let me know what you think! LFG websites are definitely handy - especially for games like Evolve where it’s a lot better to play as a cohesive group. I decided to take the task of making one into my own hands. It’s a simple and straightforward website. Who knows? It might be exactly what everyone needs when Evolve releases.

Gimme some feedback! :smile:


Ow Jesus Christ my eyes, just pepper spray me while you’re at it!


Lol that was just a joke btw, I think it’s cool what you are trying to do, though I really do think you should change that background color some, pretty sure an orange rectangle just imprinted on my retina.

Much better than that one or two guys that just made an account, made a thread like “Join our Evolve group” and then left and never posted again. Because they are obviously not even part of the community, why join them over a community born group? What you are doing is much better.


Haha is that orange too harsh? I was hoping for a good aesthetic that matches with the logo. What color would look better but still be engaging?


I kinda figured that is what you were going for, the colors make sense but you really want to avoid large amounts of bright neon colors for a background, it’s too much for most eyes on most monitors.

It would be better if you inverted it, made the orange black, and the black parts orange, and then maybe faded or toned the orange down some.


How about the way it is now?


Better! Much less eye-bleeding. x.x


Omg that is so much better. The first time was like a flashbang went off, I was looking away blinking for like 3 minutes.

That is much MUCH better.


Awesome, thanks for the help, guys! Hopefully this will actually be beneficial to people


Lol I’m glad I’m not flashbanging you any more. For real though- it took me forever to find the color that matched the logo. I settled on H12, S97%, B100%


Haha I know man, I had to do the same thing in that “sexy wraith” thread when I made the mock covergirl picture, using the evolve color scheme.


Sounds awesome, you should link it so I can see :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol you asked for it


That, sir, is a piece of art. Kudos


Well, I was supposed to use it on Justin Bieber buttttttttt… OK!!! :smiley:


There is already a separate forum for lfg.


A lot of people don’t even know these forums exist!


Well done buddy. Good to see you reaching out and helping provide a service to the community.


I mean there is a thread here about lfg. Not on the TRS forums, it is separate.


Thanks man. We will see if it is actually utilized