I made a mod about Evolve on Darkest Dungeon


Don’t know if there are many people playing both Evolve and Darkest Dungeon but feel free to check out my mod
Warning,the art are bad


Finally, it’s happening! Evolve is spreading into other games, as mods!


What are you talking about bro? It looks great!


I should have asked sooner, but how long did it took you to make that mod? I’m curious and I’d also like to know how to mod since I wanna be a dev, except I have no skill for now.


I have no idea what this game is but take my like for taking the time to make Evolve live on in some respects.


It took me about a month to create this mod since there are other thing that i’m doing as well: making wallpaper, making other mod, work, school etc etc so usually i spent about 0.5 - 1 hour a day
Hour wise, making a class mod take about 20-40 hour.The work itself is mostly editing text so it shouldn’t be too challenging if you can endure a bit of intellect labor, the part that will sink your hour in would be art and localization

As for tutorial, i am relief to say that the community happen to have a decent tutorial
We have Red Hook official modding guidance as a reference https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=819597757
A Recent guild to mod character
Or an more detail but outdate class mod guild

If anything, I suggest you join the discord modding community so other modder can help you out since reading tutorial can be frustrating sometime


Thats actually really well done.



/10 well done


This looks cool!

I love and hate Darkest Dungeon. I’ve put a lot of hours into it. Love the ambience, art, VO and gameplay but I get frustrated with the extreme rng and overall difficulty. I hear Radiant mode makes it better. Need to get back in there and try it again soon.


Oh wow,thank you very much.I too was frustrated with how grindy and difficult (because you don’t have much chance to learn so either you hit the wikia up or you try and fail many time) so i did a little magic and cranking up all resource to maximum and beat the game with full assistant
After that i got a pretty good idea of how the game is and proceed able to finished the game on higher difficulty without any help