I;m thinking about thos elite skins


So…you know how the mastery system was reworked for S2? Does that mean the old Elite skins will become unobtainable after the update hits everything?


You can geeeeeet… Hunter body skins and hunter weapon skins, both in elite form :slight_smile:


Nope, Albino skins unlock at level 20!

Edit, I forget Elite skins apply to hunters…


Player level or character level?

@ToiletWraith I was thinking about monster skins, since that’s all I’ve really tried to grind for.


Character level.

Clarification -

Monsters get Albino and prime at 20 & 40 respectively.
Hunters get weapon then full body at the same levels.


Dern. I got my hopes up that I’d just get them all once I got the update. But I guess that’s the only way that makes sense. Not sure why I even considered player level as a possibility.

Looking forward to the prime skins. I wonder…do we also get Optimus skins? /kappa


Do we get the elite skins that we unlocked from legacy evolve?


Everything we already have, we get in S2.


Cool beans.


So are there Albino AND Prime skins? Do you get those at 40?


Albinos at level 20, Prime at level 40. Also, this whole “mastery skins” thing just made this game even more frighteningly like Smite. Prime skins even look like Legendary skins with their color scheme.


The only problem here is this. How can i tell other people: “hey guys, i’m a badass, i elited gorgon before stage 2” . Ok that albino skins are back, but now how can we show them our efforts we did in legacy? That’s what i’m most concerned about since i elited all the monsters and assaults and i kinda feel empty about this now :frowning:


I’m pretty sure that monsters don’t get albino at 20, unless I’m missing something, Behemoth is 21 and no skin.




Hmm, I’m really note sure, I’ve gone through all of my skins and no dice. It even shows nothing like a skin in the rewards section. Bug maybe?


Maybe, might be worth a post.


after my game I’ll post.


Could be because Behemoth technically isn’t available.


oh maybe, could be


Well ive just leveled my kraken to 20 and no skin… its not the behe issue. soo i dunno.