I m craving for a behemoth statue


30-40 cm high

40-50 cm wide

something like that, has to be big, me want




I’m all for a 3 foot tall plushie that rolls into a ball


And I just want a Hyde statue/plush/bodypillo…w…?
Don’t judge me!
Forget that you heard the last one!


I want this too… just like the Goliath statue right?

But how would I talk my wife into letting me spend $700 on a statue??


Allow her to do the same on things like shoes and whatnot? :3 I have no idea. If my boyfriend wanted to spend 700 on a statue I’d let him ;o


I don’t think boyfriends/husbands usually win those comparisons. Some how 700$ statue = toys, toys= childish. shoes/bags/fashion = much needed accessories. I never win that argument o.O