I Loved this game evolve, but now


There are so many problems with this game, so many false promises, I know ill probably get banned for this, because I have a different opinion. I’ve spent good money on this game. Bought almost all the skins…for what? NO ONE notices them, they complain about changing skins, cause they use colors to differentiate hunters, constantly getting booted, game is loading and screen turns black, or my favorite…ill be in the middle of a game, BOOM evolve just resets.

Now lets get to the nerfing, I dont get why they are disabling the wraith. Ive heard alot of ppl agree that the wraith ain’t over powered. I got instant access, and it was a mistake. So they are screwing with the wraith to make ppl lose with her. Why would the developers listen to all the novice, noobie, cry babies. The wraith is supposed to b harder, hence why u need an experienced team. I watched hundreds of hours of developer streams and noticed only two ppl could really win as the wraith, even before release of beta I watched developers get slaughtered as wraith, only coach and another dude were able to pull a win with the wraith. U make it S strong cause it melts health so fast. Now ur gonna Nerf the things that make wraith such a challenging monster. LEAVE HER ALONE! Its not her that’s the problem, it all the novices playing against ppl with early access not ready for that caliber of monster…its like jumping on to a game never played before, starting on the insane hardest difficulty, and then boo boo cause u can’t beat it on ur first try.

How bout before we start fixing s#$t that ain’t broken. We give ppl time to become acclimated to the game and style of play. This is my favorite Xbox one game, but its quickly losing its charm because of all the bone head nerfing being done. Give them the health they had during the alpha, hunters and monsters, stop taking stuff away. I can only imagine how long till they nerf behemoth, I mean, at level 3 he’s nigh unstoppable. Yea ppl gonna cry about that. Why not make it one hit one kill, cause it seems if its hard and ppl have to work at it they whine, I would suggest the developers make their own choices, instead of being influenced by cry baby novices. that are playing two or three in party chat, one or two in game chat. And they get mad when they don’t beat the monster, its too hard.

All these ppl crying, probably aren’t even playing evolve right. They expect to beat skilled monsters in two teams of two. Two in game chat trying to guess what their teams doin. And two in party chat, who dont care what their teams doin, and do what they want. And u still gotta guess where the monster is gonna go. Ppl need to realize the WHOLE team of 4 needs to be talkin and working as one, when they don’t they lose and cry about it.

U devs are gonna turn evolve into cod, all these stat whores care about is stats, its not about fun anymore, its about having an 1100 win loss ratio…seriously, yea it is look at the top of the leader boards. I’ve gotten to in the top 200, without changin how I play, taking alot of losses playing on hunter teams that think its cod, with their party of two, on a team of 4. You wanna fix something that’s needs fixing, how bout making servers or lobbies that are for ppl that wanna play the game right, how bout cutting out party chat. You guys make being the monster disabled when in game party, for what? so ppl can’t boost…but I have to get stuck playin with a team that two ppl are in a party or even three, so I’m all alone.

I’m bout to b done with this game. How bout u guys develop and we will play, dont start givin players the power to change serious mechanics about the game, ill take ur expertise over some cry baby that got beat by a wraith again so its not him its gotta be the wraith. Even though they bought the game yesterday now I was banned twice already, once for cursing, the other for general rudeness, cause I didn’t like someone tellin me my opinion was stupid, and I must be an ego maniac. I didn’t curse but got banned for two weeks for defending my opinion against a bunch of hate mongers, so they made up a reason to ban me " general rudeness". So because my opinion here wont rub ppl the right way I’m sure ill get banned again and this post deleted. Hypocrits

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I would ban you for your formatting skills never mind your rudeness.


We need a TLDR.


It’s not even that. A well formatted post can be much longer and be easier to read. That post hurts my eyes.


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TLDR: People complain so the game changes and I don’t like this. Please make the game you sought to make rather than giving in to their cries of this and that being OP. Also teams of 2/3 sucks when you’re all alone in the game chat.

Firstly, nobody is going to ban you. People generally only get banned for being constantly abrasive and disrespectful to people.

Secondly, the developers are making the game they want. It requires balancing. It’s not as though the upcoming balance patch is the only one that there will be. If they see Wraith players losing all the time, they’ll change it accordingly. The fact is that people aren’t playing Wraith in the way the developers intended so they’re making changes.

Thirdly, taking away party chat is never going to happen, especially because the in game chat is so very very bad.


Sorry to hear you don’t like the game OP


I clicked in this thread saw the insane wall of text in front of me and decided, “yeah nope I’m done”

I’ll will go back and struggle through in order to see the point you were trying to make

Please use the enter button, it’s like your body, if you don’t use it, you don’t look too good, but if you excersize it and use it, everyone looks beautiful, and people want to look at it

Okay, I read through it and while I agree with you on some levels, I disagree on others.

I agree with you when you say that people whine about something that’s too hard. how this younger generation grew up is with easy games. Games where you don’t have to work hard to achieve something. Remember those days when we all retried levels over and over again until we asked our friends for strategies, I would like to go back to that

It seems that with games these days, the player may win, but you don’t get the same sence of accomplishment as you used to. It doesn’t feel as rewarding, and people should quit whining about wraith, it’s not OP you just need to learn how to counter it

However, I disagree about the party system, I don’t really find anything wrong with it, you mentioned boosting, it’s just going to happen. There’s nothing anyone can do about that. It’s not too much of a deal.

Thank you for presenting your opinion in a (somewhat) civil manner, I hope you take my thoughts and disagree or agree politely. Thanks man


Holy wall of text batman.

Punctuation and the enter key are your friends. At least they want to be…


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I made that above picture.


Since when did they say they were changing things because players whined for it? lol you sound delusional to me.

Theyre changing things, balancing things, because they have information and telemetry that we don’t. I heard somewhere that wraith had around a 70% win rate and cabot was doing more damage than assault consistently, does that seem fine to you?

The devs can check all sorts of stats, even stats just in between the levels of 30s and 40s. THEY are changing things because THEY think its best, not because people like you are trying to tell them how to do their job. Now chill out and have a little patience Mr. Evolve, ya might like the changes in the end.


No you won’t, have fun wherever you end up though :smile:


Lol over dramatic much?


They arent really nerfing the Wraith, But disabling the ability for players to abuse her, every ones fought a bot wraith, and most likely won because the bot does not use the abusive tactics that players use, like decoy spam or traversal plus warp blast all at once, it actually comes back and fights, meanwhile player wraiths will never be caught in domes or if they are good luck finding and damaging them.

So as it is now, wraith used by a player is OP


Also, do you realize that one monster is not supposed to be stronger than the other?,
And they are all meant to be equal, but for different playstyles?


sorry, didn’t know that. Want it taken down? Or credited?


No, I was just saying :laughing:


He is just proud lol


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