I love you turtle rock!


Evolve is even better then i anticipated (and i havent slept in 2 days because of anticipation)!

on a side note i think your overall progression should unlock characters rather then having to level each classes 4 abilities.

example being when i play trapper, i aint got time to use my SMG it all about them traps! And when i play goliath i prefer to not use charge.

but i see where you’re coming from and agree with what you’ve done.



Agreed, make such good games, I know the full version will be even more perfect :smile:


Turtle Rock is indeed AWESOME! In response to your comments on the progression system, you have to understand the meaning behind it, and then it should make sense to you like it did to me. They want you to be aware of each piece of equipment that a hunter has before you move on. While you may do well without using your smg, a more experienced player will find time to get hits in too! The progression system is there to teach you and guide you on your path to becoming a skilled player. A trapper dropping traps is fine, but a player dropping key traps and getting damage in is a thousand times better!


Thank you so much!


everytime im not the monster (monster set prio 1 trapper prio 2) and am the trapper i can end the game before 6 minutes. fastest time i saw so far was 4min 36 second.

then again when i play the monster i dont even feel threatened by the assault players so maybe its just the players.

Kant wait for the Kraken!!!


thank you! love the feedback!