I love wraith's abduct


I had a hell of a lot of fun fishing with it, missing, going “whoop whoop whoop”, running away and trying again.

So, if there are any modifications I suggest trying to push the monster into more pokey stuff, and then finishing with the full engage face ripping move.


I find it’s very easy to land when aimed from a very high and steep angle. Dash twice straight up into the air and you’re gonna get an easy abduction and deal some decent damage on the decent where they can’t do anything.


decoy/supernova is basicly auto win I stayed away from it. So I started messing around with 2 point abduct start and 1 point warp blast. I would abduct then warp to the other side of them and it would push them even further away from their team.

also 2 points into abduct let you pull in the majority of creatures and 1 shot them letting you eat right away.


Ya there’s a ton of valuable game-play to be had with abduct, and decoy.

I think most hunters were just not coordinating well.