I Love The Gameplay Of Evolve But

Evolve is a great game, but I have a serious problem with the poor connectivity issues, that are never addressed. It’s a cold day in hell when I can play for a full day without being disconnected, booted to dashboard, spend 10 minutes or more trying to find a game (as Hunter) to get into with my team, even with a team of 4 hunters we are still forced to wait 3-5 minutes while the servers “Search For Hunters”.

Then we have the faulty jet packs, intergalactic travel and colonization of planets is mastered is this game of the future, but our jet packs still routinely fail to climb walls. This should never happen, monsters never try to climb a wall only to fall back down, and neither should we. Really when it comes to the specific mechanic of going up to a wall and climbing regardless of the amount of jet fuel, it should always take us up a wall. There are real life people that scale structures quicker and more successfully than we do in this game, with nothing but their own skill and strength.

For all the updates dedicated to balancing characters, no where near enough is done so that we can actually play this game, unless apparently you are at one of their highly touted tournaments which never seem to suffer connection issues. So, whatever meager good will Evolve is trying to gain from this Free Weekend, is lost by all the many players being booted back to dashboard, disconnected from matches, and mired in constant wasted time searching for hunters whilst the room is already full. This is a multiplayer “only” game and these issues should never be present, online should always be smooth and fun experience. All this is to say that we love playing Evolve (when the basics line up to allow us to), but the critical core infrastructure of the game servers, and jet pack mechanics needs your serious attention opposed to constant tweaks of characters.

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Jetpacks are a bit broken right now and I believe that TRS is currently looking to fix that. I’m not positive on that.

As for the servers and matchmaking, TRS is very aware of the issue and is working as hard as they can to make a patch for this. There is a lot of feedback on this issue so they’re working with the information they have to provide the best possible patch for the game :slight_smile:

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback, we’re always looking to improve issues like this. They are, of course, hard to target as it’s kind of like going to the doctor with a headache… anything could cause it.

That said, we’re always looking into making this experience better. If you ever notice a pattern in these disconnects (amount of time, number of members in party, etc) please let us know!

Thanks again

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