I love the customizable badges, but


I’d love it even more if we could customize the skins. You could still sell/unlock new skin patterns with achievements or DLC, but let us customize the color channels like we can the badges.

Never underestimate the appeal of being able to customize our characters!

Don’t overdo it though. Certain games certainly made a mockery of themselves by selling overzealously priced Gold-skin packs.


I came of with an idea today kind of like the prestige system in COD (not sure if it’s still in there as I haven’t played the last few versions.) It would be sweet if we could reset a characters progress after they were maxed to unlock a new skin, color palette, or customizable colors, It would give people more incentive to play with their favorite characters even after they were maxed out.


I personally feel that it would be awesome to have fully customizable characters. After spending some time enjoying the concept art, I found myself realizing that I am rather disappointed in the utter lack of personalization. Using the monsters as an example, wouldn’t it be kickass to have to have the ability to choose your own set of blades for the Wraith or having the option to give Goliath a unique back/head ornament.


Different models would be a terrible pain to create. I’d settle for customizable color channels. They can still sell skins as patterns and allow us to adjust the colors.